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Kontraband - Mike Moses Presents






KontraBand Muzik is the story of five different guys, from five diverse backgrounds coming together to explore a new sound: “Mash Up Music”. Inspired by the mash ups of Linkin Park and Jay-Z, and DangerMouse and The Beatles, the band wanted to take the mash up concept to another level. Pairing a gospel/funk drummer and bass player, with a hip-hop DJ, rock guitar player, and blues/rock vocalist and emcee, KontraBand Muzik formed in early 2009. They then decided to move from Indianapolis, IN to Atlanta, GA on a whim and a prayer; a hope that their sound would find a home. Their catchy hooks and head knocking music took the South by storm. Combining the raw energy of rock with the swag factor of hip-hop and pop, the guys instantly gained traction with college audiences and the club scene. Their high-energy, genre bending music has been compared to an “iPod playlist" (Study Breaks Magazine), which has allowed them to open up for a wide range of acts including Ludacris, Pauly D, and Stone Temple Pilots, as well as write ups on and The band embodies a new sound: One that captures this generations personality. They’ve been called the King’s of Mash Up, the originators of “Gangsta Rock”, and they are, most certainly, KontraBand Muzik.

This line-up's career highlights include sharing a stage with such artists as Usher, Ceelo Green, Mary Mary, Bo Diddly, Jonathon Butler, Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony, Stone Temple Pilots, Juvenile and Ludacris, at the world famous Playboy Mansion, hosted by Kendra, Holly, and Bridgette from “E” Entertainment Channel’s, “The Girls Next Door”. The group has already gained the reputation as one the hottest independent bands in the Midwest and is now taking the Southeast music scene by storm.They also perform the hottest hip hop/pop/rock covers, so no matter what genre of music you listen to Kontraband Muzik is a MUST SEE!

Currently, KB is fresh off a European tour, staying busy in the college markets, and always looking to rock a crowd. KontraBand Muzik’s mash-up, gangsta rock style, matched with a polished sound and unrivaled showmanship, makes every show unforgettable! We can deliver an extensive reference list of venues we have performed at upon request.