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Abyss - Mike Moses Presents



Spoken Word Poetry



The metamorphosis of the artist we call Abyss began while working his way up the tour scene in comedy clubs.  The poetry arena wasn’t really defined when he debuted to listeners in Jacksonville, FL. Abyss was determined to put stretch marks on the genre we now know as spoken word.  He tirelessly works on his craft, a self taught musician and scribe. Abyss also served 7 yrs on the board of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. He spends countless hours of community service inside jails, schools, churches, and community centers. Abyss received a Peabody Award for his appearance on HBO Def Poetry the “original series” Season 1, and returned to star on seasons 5 of HBO Def Poetry.  He was the first poet to appear on BET’s 106th & Park.  Currently Abyss has been casted for a recurring role on the “Somebodies”; the first scripted sitcom in BET’s history.  He’s has made other appearances on BET J’s Lyric Café, the 12th Annual Gospel Choice Awards, and numerous NACA/APCA college events.  Abyss also co-wrote a song with Rhonda Smith (Prince’s Bass Player).  He’s a published author, musician, activist, motivational speaker, songwriter, actor, mentor, etc. His list of accomplishments goes on and on. 

Abyss is an Artist truly in tune with perseverance and hard work.  He has the nickname “The Native” because he fits-in wherever he travels.  His mission is to educate and entertain simultaneously.  Medicine sprinkled with sugar is a good way to describe the message that has been authored by his ray of light.  His name is synonymous with poetry in the Atlanta area.  With a resume like his, You would imagine Abyss would be conceited and very unapproachable - on the contrary.  You would be hard pressed to find a man more humble.  Abyss realizes that his gift is from God, and it’s to be used for His purposes only.  Abyss has been in the company of the likes of Alicia Keys and Kanye West, yet he’ll break bread with the homeless at the Atlanta Mission.   Abyss wears different hats depending on his assignment for the day. 

Abyss is a Poet, a Visionary, a Leader, a Father, a Teacher, and Inspiration - A Bright Young Soul Searching.  Abyss is searching for other bright young souls to complete “Team Abyss” (a coalition of artists working to maintain the virility of creativity).  Abyss has a prophetic mouth for such times as the present, and breathes spirit into dead art forms.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, go, your life will never be the same.